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Are you considering owning your own business or franchise and not sure where to start? Compass Franchise Group provides free franchise consulting services to entrepreneurs just like you. We represent over 700 of today's leading franchise opportunities and our professional franchise consultants can help you navigate the often overwhelming franchise world to choose the franchises that are right for you and your market. We understand that every situation is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to business ownership. We will work with you to identify the industry sector(s) that best fits your needs and then identify the best franchisees available within that sector. Once we've done that, we'll help you navigate the franchise award process to make sure you get approved for your perfect business!

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How Our 5-Step Client Process Works*

Assessment of Candidate's Franchising Goals/Objectives and Business Model Preferences

We will focus this call on a deep assessment to learn your personal, business and financial goals, areas of expertise, ideal business models and industries, investment levels, and much more...

We Research 800+ Franchises based on your Selection Criteria

We will perform a detailed research in our database to identify franchise concepts that match your background and goals.

Franchise Recommendations Presentation call

We will present to you a list of franchise concepts that match your profile and goals. We will hear your feedback and either move to step 4 or repeat our matchmaking process as needed.

Candidate Franchise Investigation and Validation Process

We will introduce you to the franchisors of your selected franchise concepts, and assist you in the entire research & discovery process, so you can make an informed decision (weekly calls for 4-6 weeks).

Candidate's Final Decision (go/no go)

After having completed the due diligence you and the franchisor will be ready to make a final go/no go decision.

* We develop viable franchise recommendations for our client's based on their franchising goals, objectives, areas of interest and desired investment level, then coach, guide and mentor them through the entire franchise research and acquisition process.

Featured Franchises

Franchise Your Existing Business!

Do you have an existing business and ever wondered if it would make a good franchise? Compass Franchise Group can help you determine if franchising your business makes sense.
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Franchise Validation
The Real Power In Franchise Validation

There are many critical stages to researching a franchise and determining if it’s truly the right opportunity for you, but few are as valuable as a stage called validation.

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Franchise Comparison
Top Down Vs Bottom Up Franchises

With over 2,000 franchise opportunities to choose from researching for the best opportunity can be a confusing and overwhelming task.

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Franchise Fee
Why On Earth Would I Pay A Franchise Fee?

In dealing with clients, without a doubt the most common objection to choosing to purchase a franchise is the concept of paying a franchise fee.

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Franchise News

Articles by Geoff Batchelder

Deciding Factors

Aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves whether they should choose a franchise, do a start-up on their own, or buy an existing independent business.

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Franchising is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Turning a successful business into a successful franchise system is definitely not a key to instant wealth.

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All Aboard

One of the most important aspects of any franchise system is the training program.

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What Franchisor Should Offer: SUPPORT

You've decided you want to get into business ownership and alk away from Corporate America, congratulations!

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Steps to Evaluating Your Competition

Analyzing your competition as a franchisor comes in two forms. The franchisor will of course need to understand who their competitors are in the marketplace.

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Taking Care of Business

Many entrepreneurs who are considering franchising their business think they will sell territories, make millions, and sail into the sunset.

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Menu for Success with a Food Franchise

THE FOOD SECTOR MAKES UP ABOUT A THIRD OF ALL FRANCHISES - A HUGE percentage for a single sector! So it's no wonder that when many people think of franchising, they think of food.

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Should I purchase a franchise or go it alone with a business? This is a question ev-ery potential franchisee should think long and hard about - along with the franchises being considered - before deciding whether to buy.

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Franchising has certainly had its share of charismatic figures. Anyone involved in franchising, and even those who aren't, probably have heard of Ray Kroc.

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An emerging brand can be an exciting and lucrative option for true entrepreneurs, who want to get in early and be a part of the exciting, and sometimes frustrating, early-growth periods.

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Service businesses have created a haven for people looking to leave the white-collar business world and own a blue-collar business.

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It Makes a Village!

Franchising's community outreach has a long-lasting effect on their surrounding areas.

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Is Every Business Franchise-able?

There's a lot to consider before franchising a business. Today more than 3,000 franchise systems cover 300 different business types and account for over 745,000 franchise establishments.

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